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DTI is the largest technological service provider in Denmark and one of the biggest in northern Europe. Founded over 100 years ago, the institute's core business lies in providing technological services to industry, especially SMEs. SMEs constitute over 90% of DTI's client base with over 14,000 assignments annually to this sector. In the course of 2019, DTI helped more than 10,000 unique customers from Denmark and abroad, turn new knowledge and technology into real value. The institute's expertise is divided into eight divisions covering building and construction, materials, life sciences, industrial management, production technology, energy & climate, meat research and technologies and agriculture. These together contain some 33 specialist competence centres with over 22 accredited laboratories providing testing and certification services. The institute is recognized as the leading training and educational institution with focus on industry. DTI also advises SMEs in the metal forming sector on new business development opportunities and assists in the transfer of new technologies.

During the last 4 years, DTI has been engaged in incorporating synchrotron x-ray and neutron-based characterisation techniques into the industrial service offering portfolio. The services include e.g. smallangle scattering to characterise nanostructures, imaging services for fibre composites and trace-element analysis. The Institute is placed centrally towards several facilities such as the future neutron source ESS (European Spallation Source) and the MAX-IV synchrotron in Lund, Sweden, and the synchrotron at DESY and x-ray facility at European-XFEL in Hamburg, Germany. The emergence of the new techniques are nurtured from the knowledge that many of these techniques are now so well established that industry can gain great benefits by incorporating them into their R&D and QA/QC activities. For the process of developing these services, DTI is engaged with numerous national and international companies from different industrial sectors to gauge precisely how these techniques can complement their current techniques and how the barriers for using these techniques can be lowered. This has led to several national and European projects aimed at showing the industrial value through selected case studies which will form the base for the establishment of a mediator service similar to the one proposed for stress measurement in the current project. During 2019-20, DTI has furthermore taken the initiative to form a new network of mediator companies working for industry using synchrotrons and neutron analysis. The network is scheduled to be formally inaugurated in September 2020.

The stress measurement services at DTI are established based on the DTI metallurgy and mechanical testing lab which has existed for 75 years