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VOLUM-e, founded by Mrs France DESJONQUERES, in year 1999, is a SME involved in rapid prototyping and Additive Manufacturing in France. It is a subsidiary company (98% of the shares) of MMB. Volum-e is a SME of 26 persons, owned by the Desjonquères family.
Activities are directed toward the making of prototype plastics and metallic parts as well as manufacturing unitary parts and small series mainly for automotive, aeronautic, medical and luxury products. Volum-e has been the first company to be qualified for the manufacturing in powder bed fusion for aerospace. Since 2015 our customer’s qualification are growing (Ariane Group, Safran group, Thales Group…). Serials flying part are produced for this sector. Volum-e is also active on professional and public markets such as telecommunications, plastic industries and in the household and packaging industries. The company combining conventional technologies and advanced technologies for supporting both prototyping and serial production.
Volum-e will mobilize its expertise throughout the production cycle’s three major phases: design rules for Additive manufacturing samples, crossing data with stress modeling software, development and manufacturing artefacts and use cases in metal additive manufacturing.