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Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) is a leading company, provider of global wind energy products and solutions for customers worldwide. The company has installed its own products and technology in more than 90 countries, has a total installed base of about 95 GW and has over 23,000 employees. Siemens Gamesa offers one of the broadest portfolios of products in the industry, with marine (offshore) and terrestrial (onshore) technology, as well as leading service solutions in the O&M industry (operation and maintenance). The joint company was created in 2017 by the merger between the wind division of Siemens and Grupo Gamesa. With its own technological capacity to design and develop wind turbines, Siemens Gamesa covers the entire process of conception, manufacture, assembly, logistics, installation and start-up, operation and maintenance of a wind product. Tailor-made development of these components ensures design excellence and the highest quality standards, while ensuring shorter delivery times and a faster technical reaction during the maintenance period. Siemens Gamesa is the number one player in the wind offshore market, with the largest installed base and the largest order book in the industry, with more than 70% of market share. The offshore wind market is growing strongly, delivering a long-term cumulative market growth of 13% globally up to 2025, led by installations in Europe, followed by China, Taiwan, and the US. Siemens Gamesa aims to retain the number one position in Europe and China with a unique brand and mature value chain that will allow us to capture the pole position in emerging markets, such as the US or Taiwan. At the same time, Siemens Gamesa’s state-of-the-art technologies and solutions for offshore help to secure continued LCoE reductions, essential in a subsidy-free offshore market. With this objective, Siemens Gamesa continues improving competitiveness of its Direct Drive platform through technology and setting a solid foundation for a future step-change to a new platform by 2020.
Based in Denmark and Spain, but working from offices all around the world, the Technology organizations provide the product-related basis for Siemens Gamesa’s market leadership. Competence centers are an integral part of the technology and product development. SGRE has established a number of competence centers in Europe, the US, Asia-Pacific, and in universities or other research institutions with competencies in specific professional fields that are vital to SGRE. A location in close proximity to a university or a research institution gives SGRE the opportunity to cooperate with external partners through research projects or PhD thesis. The Danish competence center will be involved in the EASISTRESS project.