EASI-STRESS benchmark specimens and preliminary results

EASI-STRESS Webinar Series 2

easi-stress webinar series 2
  • Time3 pm CET
  • ContributorWen Cui

Round Robin exercises for residual stress measurement for metallic components have been on-going over the last two decades. Our round robin activities are part of the European Activity for Standardisation of Industrial Residual Stress Characterization (EASI-STRESS). The project differs from the previous exercises as it involves various industrial components produced by different manufacturing processes and aims at harmonizing measurement techniques over the wide range of sources of residual stress. In this webinar, you would have the chance to get a general overview of EASI-STRESS benchmarking activities, we will also talk about the uniqueness of our benchmark specimens and show some of our preliminary results.


Wen Cui
Wen Cui


University of Manchester