Virtual Tour to PETRA III @ DESY

EASI-STRESS Webinar Series 3

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  • HostDESY, Hereon
  • ContributorMarc Thiry, David Canelo Yubero

DESY is one of the world’s leading accelerator centres. Researchers use the large-scale facilities at DESY to explore the microcosm in all its variety – from the interactions of tiny elementary particles and the behaviour of new types of nanomaterials to biomolecular processes that are essential to life. The accelerators and detectors that DESY develops and builds are unique research tools. The facilities generate the world’s most intense X-ray light, accelerate particles to record energies and open completely new windows onto the universe.

At DESY's synchrotron light source PETRA III, Helmholtz Zentrum Hereon operates beamlines for materials science purposes. The residual stress detemrination on the round robin samples of the EASI-STRESS project on the beamlines P07 and P61A are Hereon's main contribution to the project.

Join us on a virtual visit to the Max von Laue experimental hall at DESY to get some insights on DESY's possibilities for industrial cooperation and on the work for EASI-STRESS at Hereon's High Energy Materials Science beamline (HEMS/P07)!

Virtual tour PETRA III @ DESY

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