European Conference on Residual Stresses - ECRS11


ECRS11 logo
  • LocationPrague
  • HostCzech and Slovak Crystallographic Association (CSCA)
  • ContributorEASI-STRESS will host the ECRS workshop “Quantification and uncertainties in residual stress measurement“

CRS is a well-established conference series that focuses on residual stresses in structural and functional materials. From experimental methods via modelling techniques to industrial applications a broad gamut of residual stress-related topics is addressed. The series is well attended by scientists, PhD students and engineers from both academia and industry. Previous editions have been successfully held in Karlsruhe (1983), Darmstadt (1990), Frankfurt/Main (1992), Cluny (1996), Delft (1999), Coimbra (2002), Berlin (2006), Riva del Garda (2010), Troyes (2014) and Leuven (2018).

This gathering brings together scientists, students, and engineers with a shared interest in Residual Stresses, a phenomenon that affects the physical properties of materials and surfaces across various scales. While its core focus lies in mechanical engineering and materials science, Residual Stresses also hold relevance in solid-state physics, life sciences, geology, and the chemical reactivity of solids. Managing residual stresses can unlock improved material and structural properties, such as enhanced fatigue life and geometrical stability. The analysis of residual stresses, being a highly sensitive parameter influenced by micro/nano-structure, provides valuable insights into the history of materials and structures. This conference offers an interactive platform for experts from diverse disciplines including mechanics, physics, optics, chemistry of solids, manufacturing, diffraction, and engineering. Attendees can exchange their perspectives and share recent advancements through experimental, theoretical, and numerical approaches.