WP2 - Benchmark and validation

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In the frame of WP2, Industrially relevant reference samples will be defined and manufactured.
These will be measured using both the accepted and standardised (semi) destructive and laboratory techniques and the non-destructive high energy X-ray and neutron techniques to benchmark the techniques (objective 1) using specific criteria.
All data from meausrements on these reference samples will be available as open data in both their raw data form and calculated stress data while a detailed description on how to manufacture the samples will also be openly available (open innovation).
The experimental results will also be benchmarked to FE models of the reference samples to start verification of these models.
Round robin samples (that may be the same as the reference samples) will be defined, produced and sent around to synchrotron and neutron facilities for validation of different setups.
The experience from these measurements will feed into the protocols that will be developed in WP3.


Coordinator WP2

Matt Roy
Matt Roy

Senior Lecturer, Department of Mech., Aero. and Civil Engineering

University of Manchester

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