WP4 - Data treatment and software development

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The main objective of this work package is to establish standard workflows for algorithms and software tools that guaranty consistent reporting of all steps from the set-up of the measurements to the exploitation of results, aid efficient use of instrumentation and generalize the route of data treatment as much as possible. Data formats shall be standardized and in accordance with requirements of modelling software, such that measuring results can be compared with theoretical calculations.
The scope of WP4 is to harmonize different experimental techniques for stress determination, guaranty that every measurement can be reproduced and every data set is accompanied by information that allows interpretation and verification of results for their reliability and accuracy. This involves:
• The development of a common framework (in terms of algorithms and data formats) for the various techniques
• The development of software tools that guarantee consistent reporting, standardize data treatment and utilization of stress values in FE-software.


Caroline Boudou, PhD
Caroline Boudou, PhD

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