WP7 - Dissemination, communication and outreach

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This work package raises awareness of the EASI-STRESS activities among current and future users of European advanced research infrastructures (ARIs), such as the involved Partners (ESRF, ILL, BNC, GEMS/HZG), and especially addresses both experienced and new users from Industry as target groups of the activities. The work package supports the EASI-STRESS project partners by

• providing the project participants with the necessary web-based tools to communicate their work
• producing communication material on all the EASI-STRESS activities and achievements
• disseminating the project’s activities and results, both within and beyond the project’s own community

In order to attract new users and to promote the use of neutrons and synchrotron radiation for residual stress determination, it is essential to raise awareness of the work being carried out in EASI-STRESS among the major European players in materials research and the targeted industrial sectors through communication and outreach activities. This WP supports and promotes all activities of the project. The work described here will be carried out by the EASI-STRESS communication officer through close and frequent networking with all the project participants in order to produce the communication material. It is crucial to reach out to different audiences outside EASI-STRESS and a number of different channels will be used for the wider dissemination of the project.


Dr. Marc Thiry
Dr. Marc Thiry

Industrial Relations Officer

Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon

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