WP5 - Industrial exploitation and setup of industrial testbed service


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The main objectives of WP5 is to define a robust protocol through a guideline to evaluate the residual stress field in-depth experimentally with large research infrastructure (LRI) on industrial components considering the penetration depth and sample manipulation. The role of WP5 is to oversee the work of the other WPs and to collaborate with them in order to establish compatibility with industrial needs. WP5 is the interface between the two worlds. WP5 aims to:
• Obtain a good reliable experimental residual stress field on well-known component to correlate with FE process modelling or to integrate to FE calculation model.
• Develop a sustainable industrial service including sample preparation (material characterization, position, stress-free samples), data acquisition, analysis and validation with a special focus on the necessary data formats required, along with uncertainties to assist with process model validation.
The target is to create 5 case studies that demonstrate the applicability of the new measurement techniques and help the partners exploit the technology and which can also be used for dissemination to engage other end-users in WP6.


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Fabien Levebre Ph.D. – Ing.

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