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Report on NMBP-35 Workshop: "From Research to Industry: How Characterisation and Digitization Change the Game"

The NMBP-35 workshop "From Research to Industry: How Characterisation & Digitization Changed the Game", held in Madrid on January 17th, 2024 ...

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EASI-STRESS is featured by Innovation News Network

The EASI-STRESS project aims to revolutionise industrial residual stress management in metals by developing commercial services within advanced ...

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EASI-STRESS mid term meeting and public workshop in Grenoble on September 21-22, 2022

On September 21, 2022 the annual project meeting of EASI-STRESS was held in Grenoble, France at the European Photon & Neutron Science Campus, hosted by ...

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The Nordic Countries discussed handling Residual Stresses in Metals at hands-on workshop

The EASI-STRESS project was introduced to companies and institutions from the nordic countries during a hands-on event, where the participants exchanged ...

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EASI-STRESS at the International Conference on Residual Stresses (ICRS11) in Nancy, France

On March 27-30, 2022, the International Conference on Residual Stress’s 11th edition was held in Nancy, France. The EASI-STRESS (European Activity for ...

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OHB presents interview with EASI-STRESS project representatives

In this interview, project manager Axel Müller and Roland Schneider and Marco Mulser from OHB explain why residual stresses in components are a problem, how ...

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EASI-STRESS is now on LinkedIn

We are happy to announce our LinkedIn focus page, where we will frequently share news about the project.
We are looking forward to answering your questions ...

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Events (Overview)

Process and Data harmonization at neutron and synchrotron facilities for strain/stress analysis

The EASI-STRESS project has harmonized processes for and facilitated easier access to residual stress characterization specifically at Large-scale Research ...

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